Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Often for small to medium businesses marketing is something that just sort of…happens, when you find the time.  Do you post frequently on Facebook and then go for weeks at a time without so much as a whisper.  Or perhaps you’ve tried PPC, but you just don’t feel you get real value back from it? Taking the time to really understand your marketing goals and devising a marketing strategy around them can mean that your marketing efforts and money don’t go to waste.  But that takes time. Time you don’t have. 

Lucky for you I can help.  So, if you can find the time for a coffee (or, let’s face it, Zoom), we can chat about what you want your business to achieve and how your marketing strategy can help you achieve that. Once I understand your goals, I can work with you to devise a realistic and achievable strategy that is right for you, your business, and your budget.   

Research & Analysis

Understanding the market and how your business fits in is key to finding the right strategy. But taking a step back and looking at your own business objectively can be hard.  This is where I come in.  I will analyse your business and your competitors and then make recommendations to help move your business forward.

This is part of a full consultancy package.  However, if you already have a marketing strategy but feel it’s not working as well as it could, this can be offered as a stand-alone service to review alongside your strategy and make recommendations on how it could be improved.

Strategy & Planning

You know where you want your business to be, now let’s work out how to get there. A realistic marketing strategy will help you to achieve your business goals.  Working with you to understand what is achievable I will device a marketing strategy to follow that will get you noticed online. This can be worked around any budget.

Once the strategy is agreed I can continue to support you in implementing it or hand over to you to take forward.    

Monitoring & Analysis

Your marketing strategy should continually be reviewed and adapted.  I can help you get set up with all the tools you need to monitor and analyse your company performance, according to the key goals you want to meet.  Then I can leave you to it or support you on an ongoing basis.

Let’s chat about how we can achieve your business goals together.