About me

Samantha Vandersteen

Marketing Consultant, Digital Marketer, Copywriter, Crisp Connoisseur & Shopping Enthusiast

I have worked in marketing for over ten years, specialising in digital, social media, content marketing and website management. I started working in social media before it was the “done” thing for businesses and when the company I was at told me not too. Luckily, I followed my instinct, set up social channels and pretty soon they became an integral part of the marketing strategy.

For the last seven years I have been working at management level. Whilst I enjoyed managing a team, I missed having the time to be as “hands on” with the social and content. This is something I have been enjoying throwing myself into since I set up Red Boots.

I have worked with large corporate organisations and with friendly SMEs, and have experience in both B2C and B2B marketing. I love working with businesses to help them manage their marketing activity and develop strategies to build and maintain their online presence.

As an experienced copywriter and proof reader I have written content for a number of businesses and online publications on a variety of topics including fashion, lifestyle, wellbeing, technology, HR, business and entertainment. I have always loved to write and I’m delighted that my career has led me to a place where I am allowed to play with words on a daily basis.

On a personal note I can mostly be found eating crisps or shopping (sometimes both – I am a good multitasker) or going Gruffalo hunting with my family.

Why Red Boots? Simply it is an ode to my favourite pair of boots. A bargain at £25 from a random high street store. They have seen me through many days at work, given me a good couple of extra inches in height and a significant boost in confidence on days when I have needed it. Never underestimate a girl in red boots.

I am excited to work with you on projects big or small, from long term strategy and planning to social media management and copywriting.

You can find me and my red boots on the usual suspects: